"If you losest all, and gettest wisdom by it, thy loss is thy gain." - H.P. Blavatsky


Anastasia Frank, born on January 6, 1986 in Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan, former Kazakh SSR) in the family of engineers and politicians on her father's side and musicians on her mother's side. In 2001 she graduated from a Russian grammar school there. In 2002 she moved with her family to Germany. Anastasia Frank has been living and working in Berlin since 2007.

After graduating from high school (Abitur) in 2010, she began studying at the BBW University in Berlin. After successfully completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2014 with a specialization “Trade Management”, she continued to work for companies such as Galeries Lafayette, Agent Provocateur Ltd., Ba&Sh in various positions, including management.

2018, in order to improve her qualifications, she continued her studies at the HTW University in Berlin. As a student, she completed a subject-specific internship at the Mercedes Benz AG headquarters (MBVD) in Berlin. In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz AG, where she continued to work until mid-2020, Anastasia Frank wrote her Master's thesis on the subject of “Truth and myth about electromobility.  An empirical study of the framework conditions and their effects on electromobility.”  After successfully completing the University in October 2020, she received her next academic degree: Master of Arts with the specialization “Industrial Sales and Innovation Management.”


But a great passion for painting in the artist's life opened spontaneously in 2011, caused by strong emotional experiences, severe stress due to the deepest losses. This situation enabled the artist to look at all circumstances with different eyes and dicover a completly new world, the world of spirituality and self-knowledge, a transcendal world beyond the human reality of perception.

Inspired by nature, deep visions and the philosophy of the East, she began her main journey into the world of painting and spiritual transformation. The ocean of visions that has flooded her since 2011, caused the need to capture this knowledge and transfer all the information received to the canvas in order to help those who want to or have already entered the spiritual path of self-knowledge.

Anastasia Frank is self-taught in the field of visual/fine arts. Since she didn´t have an academic education in painting, she began to study on her own one of the most difficult painting techniques - oil painting. The uniqueness of the chosen technique was developed independently on the basis of many experiments and personal experience. Her art style can be classified as Spiritual Art, Sacred Art, Symbolism, Cosmism, or Visionary Art.

The philosophical works of ancient thinkers from different cultures and epochs had and still have the enormous influence on her art and on her spiritual path. The works on Theosophy and Living Ethics (Agni Yoga) have a special place in it.

Since 2021, she has been working in a new field of artistic activity: Virtual Reality. She creates art projects using Mixed Reality, which is currently one of the most innovative ways of working in the field of art.


Anastasia Frank is a paticipant, winner and permanent jury of many international exhibitions. Her artworks are in pivate collections in Europe, Asia and USA


 “I´m absolutely sure that art, beauty and love  can change a person, as well as change the world for the better. Art fills space with beautiful invisible fiery images, which leads to harmony, elevation and transformation of human consciousness. Through my paintings I try to convey my world, my perception of time and space, my perception of beauty, light and eternal.” - Anastasia Frank (12.02.2021)




03.02.21 - 24.02.21 -  Virtual Groupexhibition - "New Era" in  Art Number 23 Gallery (London, England)

28.01.21 - 07.02.21 - ART FAIR/Forum „Unique Russia" in the Old Merchant Court (Moscow, Russia)   

24.06.20 - 30.06.20 - Groupexhibition - International Festival/Competition of Symbolic Art "Zen Art Festival" in House of Artists, 2 Place/Nomination: magic realism (Moscow, Russia)

18.06.19 - 23.06.19 - Groupexhibition - "Visionary Art Trip" in Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artist (St.Petersburg, Russia)

25.03.19 - 31.03.19 - Groupexhibition - "Visionary Art Trip" in House of Artists (Moscow, Russia)

22.11.18  - 25.11.18 - ART FAIR "International Contemporary Art Fair" in Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Center (Thessaloniki, Greece)

1.09.18 - 30.09.18 -   Virtual Groupexhibition/International Exhibiton Contest "American Art Award", 4 Place/Nomination: religious or spiritual (USA)

23.08.18 - 29.08.18  - Groupexhibition - „Art Open Air/Artweek in China“/ International Exhibition Contest, 1 Place/Nomination classical painting: esoterics (Peking, China)

09.07.18 - 15.07.18 - Groupexhibition - "Artweek in Italy"/ International Exhibition Contest, 1 Place/Nomination classical painting: people (Roma, Italy)

27.03.18 - 01.04.18 - Groupexhibition -"Visionary Art Award" in House of Artists (Moscow, Russia)



Since 2021 - Member of "The Firstbid.Foundation"

2016  -  2018  -  Member of "The Society for Art of Imagination"



09.03.21 - 14.03.21 - International Competition & Festival of children and youth creativity "Talented Planet" in the Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists 

09.02.21 - 14.02.21 - International festival-competition of children and youth creativity "Russian Cup for Creativity - Art Assembly"  in the Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists 

02.02.21 - 07.02.21 - International Festival-Competition of Symbolic Art "ZEN ART Festival" in the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists 




09.09.21 - Virtual Reality Live Performance & Interview at IT EXPO Fair by Atea in Denmark