"Game", 07/2022

This VR-Painting  was painted live on July5, 2022 at NZZ Xdays 2022 in Baden, Switzerland.


"Peace", 03/2022

"Goddess Saraswati", 11/2021, released 02/2022

This VR-Painting was specially created for VR-Art Gallery of Moksha Arts Collective currently based in Miami (USA).

"Happy New Year 2022!", 12/2021

"Holy Mother Mary and Jesus Christ", 12/2021

"Light", 09/2021

This VR-Painting was painted live on September 9, 2021 at IT EXPO Fair by Atea in Denmark.


"Peacock", 08/2021

"Goddess Isis", 07/2021

"Water Lily-Pond", 06/2021